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Newcastle to or from Sydney

7 Seater
$69 Per Person 4 Minimum People Baggage Space Included.
(Does Not Include return)

Newcastle Airport to or from City

7 Seater
$45 Per Person Minimum 2 People
Baggage Space Included.
(Does Not Include Return)

Why choose callaride?

Comfortable Rides

Whether you are traveling alone or with a family, you will find our shuttle and rides comfortable and suites everyone.

Premium Services

We provide PREMIUM services to all our customers, and we accept special requests, simply get in touch with us before your ride.


We take your & our drivers' safety as a top priority. You won't have to worry when you ride with us.

Easy Bookings

Simply sms, call or message to reserve for your ride, and we will be there on time every time.

Timing is Everything

Nothing is more important than your time, we value that, and we are always there on time.

Speed of Service

We understand how important it is to quickly & responsibly get you fast to your destination.

"I have enjoyed my ride very much, thanks for the speed of service and the quality of both the car and the driver" "Great Conversationalist"and with the rising cost of petrol these days this service is very reasonably priced.
Michelle C.

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